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The Power of Intuition…The Mental Game

If you get a chance, pick up and read “Inside the Fighter’s Mind” by Sam Sheridan”. “Fighting is 50% mental” he says, and so is life.  Never discount the power in intuition, the value of epiphanies in the heat of battle.

Sheridan tells the story from 1949 of a horrific wildfire that killed 13 firefighters in Montana. 16 smoke jumpers were fighting  the fire on the side of a mountain. Suddenly the fire got in below them. Fire below you on the mountain side is death. If you light a match it will slowly burn down to your fingers. But if you turn the match upside down it crawls up to your fingers in seconds. Fire moves uphill at incredibly explosive speed. Men can sprint at 8-10 km hours when moving. But a fire moving up a hill moves at 35 km/hour. The steeper the hill the slower the men move, and faster the fire comes.

They tried to outrun it…but it was a race you can’t win.

Suddenly the foreman had a flash of insight. He lit his own fire and lay down in the midst of the burned patch. See, fire won’t burn where it’s already burned. He called for his men to join him but the sound and smoke kept them from hearing or seeing him. On that day, 13 of the 16 men died. That flash of insight to start a fire in the middle of a fire saved the foreman’s life. It was the first intentional burnout. Later, it became a standard procedure for fighting wildfires.

It was a flash of insight…in the midst of a moment…intuition…

Intuition is a hunch, it’s a creative idea, it’s a vision…it’s seeing something…listening to your gut feeling about something….don’t discount them entirely. Clarify them, activate them, move on them, but don’t ignore them. Okay?

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